Welcome to my archaic website – A SORT OF ARCHIVE – as a curator, a redactor, an art writer, a teacher and a documentarian (filmmaker)…
As this php system needs to be updated, I am currently working on a brand-new website. Nonetheless, the information contained here give some hints on my person and the projects I am/was working on…


15b, chemin du Pré-Puits
CH-1246 Genève

For more information on my person, please, look at my short video presentation (English Version), or a longer and theoretical presentation in English, German and French on my use of videos, with extracts from Langmatt festival, filmed and edited by Peter Kadar. Copyright : Sarah Zürcher (video & final post-production)

How to present myself in a few words (…), especially if I do not want to embrace traditional categories, but rather open them to new form of transversality and create a network of common experiences.

What does it mean to be a curator, an art writer and/or a documentarian, nowadays?
The central question might be first, what is the meaning of contemporary art in the XXIst century. I could quote Boris Groys, who says in his book ‘In the Flow’, ‘(…) contemporary art became the medium for investigating the eventfulness of events — the different modes of immediate experience of the events, their relationship to documentation and archiving, the intellectual and emotional modes of our relationship to documentation.’ (…). Nonetheless should contemporary art only be a medium? Isn’t it as well a process showing the transformation and the evolution of our worlds and our planet? (…)

To be rational and pragmatic, I should maybe notify that I am multitasking and speak a few languages, mainly F/E/D.

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ENTERPRISE I.D.E.A.S. (Direction, camera, sound and editing by Sarah Zürcher)

Plaza Geneva
Georg Aerni, artist’s interview
Zoé Aubry, artist’s interview
Serge Fruehauf, artist’s interview
Laetitia Gessler, artist’s interview
Aurélie Pétrel, artist’s interview

Portraits in Zurich (camera and/or post-production)
see www.stadt-mensch.ch (copyright JobTV, Zürich)
Jso Maeder, Künstler
Pierre Haubensak, Künstler
Etienne Lullin, Galerist
Markus Schmutz, Buchhändler
Sabine Meyer, Architektin
Martina Hauser, Architektin
Fabio Feller, “Learning by Watching”
Olivia Staub, Aktivistin
Raf Huser, Antiquar
Rommy Los, Leiter _ Tierschutz
Edith Krahl, Marronimacherin
Raimund Horn, Leiter _ TALK
Sarah Zürcher, Bewerbungsvideo